Timberline HOA Front Yard Garden Dispute

Michael C. Hamilton, Sammamish, WA

20418 NE 41st St.


    A violation notice regarding front yard gardens was received on March 8, 2022.  The notice referred to a paragraph in the ACC Guidelines that forbids fruit and vegetable gardens, and raised garden beds. I will have much to say about this in a position paper to be posted in a week or so.  In the meantime, below is my initial knee-jerk response.  The link to last year's violation notice is HERE



Regarding todayís notice of violation of alleged TCC rules for 20418 NE 41stÖÖspecifically my front yard garden (applauded by all my neighbors).  This is my first response.  There will be much more to come.

Great news!  Letís go to the mat.  I spend most of my hobby time on bird photography but I guess I can squeeze in another hobbyÖ..protesting this inappropriate action by the TCC board.  Maybe even a third.  I will reverse my position in November and run for the board, my platform being to pursue the dissolution of the TCC and the cancellation of the Navigate contract.  In fact, I formally request that the board instruct our attorneys to define the legal procedure for this dissolution.


It would be laughable if it werenít so pathetic that the board should pursue this complaint against front yard gardens.  How self-centered, naÔve, and narrow minded.  Especially in this modern time of pandemic and the potential for world war!  Effectively, they deny such gardens to at least half the neighborhood because of sun and shade issues.  Come on folks!  Get a grip!


When we get to the point of a hearing, I insist that it be open to all residents and that is communicated to all residents by Navigate.  There is no chance that the majority will support the boardís view.  Look, the ACC is elected by no one.  They are simply ad hoc advisors to the board.  As reflected in the vote tally for the November election, only around 10% of the residents voted.  There is a message in that, if you get it, as to how important the majority of residents are likely to consider the grievousness of front yard gardens.  Last year the board heard by email from at least ten residents supporting my garden.  There will be more to come.  At a hearing I will have a petition demanding the deletion of Paragraph 1.05 that will have names and addresses of more than half of those voting in the last election.  There is no chance the board will be able to equal those, or come close.


Thatís enough for now.  The notice of violation and any future correspondence on this subject will be posted on my personal website.  I will post an extended dissertation on the issues on my website in the next week or so and will advertise its availability there.  I hate Facebook but I will have to activate my Facebook page to invite comments on dereliction by the board on this issue.  I donít need to supply my webpage link since you have it from last yearís correspondence.  If you donít, Navigate is remiss in itís record keeping.


M. Hamilton

20418 NE 41st St